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What is Regenerative Farming?

Regenerative agriculture is the theory that animals, when managed properly, can be used as a tool to regenerate soil, promote plant growth, reverse erosion, desertification, and ultimately climate change. Farming this way also eliminates the need for chemical fertilizers and pesticides. The animals take care of that too. Here’s how it works:


How do Plants Capture Carbon?

The main building block of all plants is carbon: it makes up about 40% of their total weight. But where do plants get this carbon? They don’t pull it from the soil, or water, or the sunlight they use for photosynthesis. They pull carbon straight from the air. Every pound of plant matter represents nearly half a pound of carbon that has been pulled from the atmosphere and safely sequestered in the roots, leaves and stems of plants, where it cannot contribute to global warming.


We believe we lead the pack in animal welfare. Check out our farm to learn more about the respect we have for our four-legged allies


Healthier Meat

All our beef is 100% grass-fed and grass-finished raised on pesticide-free pasture. All of our pork is raised outdoors in forested woodlots: a natural, varied diet and active muscles mean better food for humans too.

Nothing Weird

We use 100% Pastured Berkshire Pork and Grass-Fed Angus beef. We use fresh chiles, garlic and herbs. We don’t use fillers, phosphates, off cuts, or offal in our sausages.

Did We Mention
They’re Delicious?

The Meat Hook was born and bred out of some of the best restaurants in NYC. We’re incredibly lucky to be working with some of the best culinary minds in New York City and the best farmers in the country.