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We can proudly say the following about our Meat:


Diet + Exercise

Our animals are allowed to forage for their foods in an environment natural to them. They’re also free to stretch their legs and exercise. The result is pork and beef that, well, tastes like pork and beef. It truly is the best meat you can get. 

one location

Many factory-farmed animals are subject to several stress inducing shipments during their life cycle. Our animals spend all their days in one place: the forested woodlots and rolling pasture of Valley Falls, NY.  


Holistic Land Management

Gibson Farm uses livestock to practice intensive rotational grazing that improves the quality of the soil, captures carbon, eliminates the need for chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and helps produce cleaner water. This practice reduces runoff and flooding during storms and keeps the nutrients where they belong, in the soil.

It is estimated that if 10% of agriculture transitioned to a regenerative model, it would be enough to mitigate the effects of climate change. This is the cheapest and most effective way to have an effect on soil, water, and air quality, and the product ultimately makes a damn good sausage.



Each of our animals is allotted roughly 100x the space of the average confinement operation. Not only that, but the land they are housed on is meticulously maintained to provide each animal with a natural, comfortable, and stimulating environment.



Dustin and his family hand-tend to their herds every day. They live on the land they manage and care deeply for the health of the animals as well as the health of the soil.